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A gift for the people you care about

The gift box will be delivered without invoice, we will send it to the ordering party by email. You can also write a personal message to be included in the gift box. Check 'Gift Box' in the cart to choose your Gift Box. After that follow this 3 easy steps:

  • 1. Select a gift box or a "Do it yourself Kit".
  • 2. Write a gift message.
  • 3. Tell us if you want to choose more products on your shopping cart to pack.

Once you are done save and proceed with your order.

The "Do it yourself Kit" contains:

  • 1. One golden box with "Gasmy" logo.
  • 2. A black ribbon with "Gasmy" logo;
  • 3. White vellum paper with "Gasmy" logo;
  • 4. One envelope containing your personal note.

*Customs for destinations outside EU will be charged to the receiver, for this reason we suggest to use your address for shipping.

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